Therapeutic Educational Consulting

These services are now provided in partnership with Educational Connections. Please contact to explore hiring a Therapeutic Educational Consultant. You can also reach our intake coordinator, Michelle Weber at (206) 354-2661 or at

Educational Connections provides advice and assistance to parents searching for appropriate therapeutic and academic options for:

  • Struggling pre-adolescents and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges (including youth who are depressed, angry, anxious, oppositional, self-destructive, failing or bored in school as well as youth with significant mental health diagnoses).

  • Children and adolescents with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning issues, and non-verbal learning disorder, as well as challenges with social and communication skills that stem from these issues.

  • Children with developmental delays or challenges including children on the autism spectrum.

  • Young people struggling with drug and alcohol issues, as well as chemical dependency.

  • Young adults (18 – 30) with mental health challenges, learning and developmental issues, as well as those needing assistance with school, work, and career planning and placement. Many of our young adult clients also need help acquiring the life skills necessary to transition into productive adult roles and responsibilities.