Parenting Confidence

“I’m not scared when things come up. I noticed that I used to tense up when I was not sure about the best way to react or the right thing to say. I feel like I have a bag of ideas from which to choose from.” ​-J.O.

​”Panic parenting has become much less. I used to initiate changes as immediate and exact. The idea of “planting seeds” keeps me steady and keeps me from throwing in the towel with new strategies. The idea that change will have a flow, sometimes backwards toward old habits, doesn’t indicate failure.” -J.B.

Utilizing Strengths

“The Parent Coach Design sessions connected me to the amazing strengths my children and I naturally have in our existing relationship and helped me see ways I can grow those strengths to meet the challenges and joys ahead. It allowed me to take time to honor the hard work that parenting is and give it the attention and visioning time it deserves.” -L.S.

Improving Self-Care

“As human beings we are fundamentally woven into each other’s needs and dreams, everyone needs a Parent Coach! I loved growing WITH my children while being the adult they need, now I feel even more affirmed in my journey with them. I cherish being able to take care of myself more fully as an act of loving them. This program upgraded my parenting in ways that will last a lifetime. ” -L.L.

​”The opportunity to go through the process set forth by my Parent Coach gave me a profound check in with myself on the long journey of growing myself and my kids up. Within one session Vashti and I identified that my main challenge in parenting was actually a self-care issue, not a parenting issue per se! Seeing that most of parenting challenges were actually a boundary issue around my own self-care was revolutionary. I have enjoyed months of practicing how to find my line and hold it so that my kids and I get the best of me instead of what’s left over.” -L.S.

​”I also now realize that when I take time for myself and take care of myself, I love myself more which in turn makes me love my family, my life, my everything more. I understand now that you cannot fully love another person if you don’t love yourself.” -H.B.

“Our home is so much more calmer than in the past. I realized through this process how important it is for self care. I also realized I didn’t take care of myself and what a huge part self care played in being in the moment, being present. I couldn’t if I was tired or felt emotionally empty. I really have had a struggle to change old habits regarding to self care, but I’m enjoying the process and I like taking care of me. I’m much better at being present for the people I love, being more calm, and being more understanding of myself. I can navigate the parenting challenges with more love and less fear. Thank you Vashti for this incredible journey!” -H.L.

Responding Rather Than Reacting/Teen Brain Development

“Learning this new coaching process has been truly amazing and came into our lives at the perfect time. Our kids are a pre-teen and a teenager and I was finding myself wanting to react and to be emotional about everything that was said or every look that was given. I really didn’t understand the minds of these kids and how it could feel like utter chaos in our home all the time. It seemed like the only way everyone was communicating was through yelling, screaming and eventually crying. Learning how they’re growing and developing was great and I’m not the only one who is going through these growing pains.” ​ -S.L.


‘We definitely have clear boundaries surrounding the use of electronics. The best part is that the boundaries are there to maintain a healthy balance with the use of technology. When put in the light of ‘what is a healthy way’ to utilize available technology, it has been better received by the kids. It’s not about me controlling their use as much as it is about teaching them how to exist with technology in a healthy way.'” -J.B.

Listening Deeply

“The coaching process has helped me listen better. I listen and let their words sit with me. My reactions are more purposeful and my words to them are more thoughtful, going a step further to have meaning and not reactive words or actions. I smile more because I feel calmer and that I ‘got this.'” -H.L.

Finding Golden Threads

“Your approach to each session is great. As I speak you’re taking notes and forming ideas to share with me to get to the next step, back and forth then we have our aha moments and with your knowledge and my input, a plan is made. It’s truly about my family and your wealth of background on parenting, conscious parenting that makes it come together. I like knowing in advance what we’re going to focus on for each session. You listen very well and know what to pull out of our conversation to make the “design” shake out to something I can work at with my kids. It’s a brilliant way to keep the process moving.” -J.O.

Designing With Intention

“I love your template for coaching… the Discovery and Design sessions made so much sense, like learning a new skill, you took it step by step with real-life situations to draw from. The whole time I was able to talk about my kids (my favorite thing to do) and you listened and together we made plans for how I could work it with my family. The whole times the focus is on my family and your insight from the wealth of information you have and how to bring it all together. I love having the words, having thoughtful composure and being conscious of what’s going on… instead of a reactive spew of rules and meaningless and sometimes hurtful words and actions. This is a much better way to live and parent! Thank you so very much for this experience that I will build upon. What I have learned will not be lost or forgotten because it feels so good!” -J.W.

Peace And Clarity

“Due to the Parent Coach process my inner and outer life are a very upgraded version of what they were. Life is less confusing and more peaceful. I can identify where that actual disruption is coming from instead of putting my energy toward things that aren’t the core issue and waste it. ” L.S.

New Tools And Fresh Perspective

“I found this process extremely helpful and rewarding and will use these tools for the rest of my parenting days. I can’t thank you enough!” -S.L.

Reframing Behaviors

“One of the most important tokens I took from this coaching is that my children’s behaviors are most often expressions of a need(s). I previously thought their behavior was a reflection of my bad parenting causing them to be bad people. I am so much more relaxed and present now when my children act out or throw fits. My anxiety has been reduced tremendously with this knowledge. On that same topic, I now realize that my husband’s and my behavior/reactions to our kids can also be sending a message. I am more aware of when my husband might need a break or a timeout and will step in to help if he needs.” -H.B.