20 Jun

Teens and Alcohol – Part 3

In the third and final part of this series, Dr. Turrisi will walk us through how to communicate parental rules around alcohol that are backed by science. This is a more effective way of educating and getting buy-in than the teen thinking that our rules are coming solely from our personal value system.  He says that “a rule without an explanation is likely to be broken” but a “rule with an explanation is likely to lead to learning.”  Dr. Turrisi will also walk us through his fifth and final strategy of setting-up a home environment conducive to effective communication, modeling, monitoring and parental rules. All of this with the goal of protecting our kids from risky behavior.  It is never too late. A little change and a little science-based upgrade in our parenting skills can have a big impact in reducing risk. 

Vashti Summervill
I consider it my life’s work to build community and connection. I am a warrior mom of two teenage girls, a passionate educator and musician. I also have first hand experience parenting a teen through very difficult times. I have embarked on a journey to combine my experiences as an educator, artist and as a parent to help develop programs to support and educate parents, especially those struggling in their relationship with “tweens,” teens and young adults. I am a graduate of The Parent Coaching Institute. I am currently the co-chair of the St. Luke’s Pediatric Family Advisory Council representing families with children hospitalized due to a mental health crisis. I am on the board of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition. I am an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and I am committed to their Principles of Good Practice.

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