05 Sep

Parenting For A Strong Mind

In today’s interview, clinical psychologist Dr. Roger Olson talks about three different characters that each of us can develop that will help strengthen minds and build connection and resilience. Each character represents a set of skills that children can learn from their parents. The Captain refers to executive functioning skill. In other words, one’s “capacity to meet challenges and accomplish goals.” The Lookout refers to mindfulness, awareness and perspective taking. The Storyteller is all about making sense of our life story, reframing obstacles as opportunities and shaping our inner dialogue to be language that has the potential to serve our highest self. All of this, of course, begins with parental modeling of these character traits and skills. 

Vashti Summervill
I consider it my life’s work to build community and connection. I am a warrior mom of two teenage girls, a passionate educator and musician. I also have first hand experience parenting a teen through very difficult times. I have embarked on a journey to combine my experiences as an educator, artist and as a parent to help develop programs to support and educate parents, especially those struggling in their relationship with “tweens,” teens and young adults. I am a graduate of The Parent Coaching Institute. I am currently the co-chair of the St. Luke’s Pediatric Family Advisory Council representing families with children hospitalized due to a mental health crisis. I am on the board of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition. I am an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and I am committed to their Principles of Good Practice.

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