Frequently Asked Questions

A Therapeutic Consultant is a trained professional who has comprehensive knowledge about therapeutic placements. A Therapeutic Consultant is a life-long learner who frequently visits programs and attends conferences to gain knowledge about the most up-to-date therapeutic treatment modalities. The primary role of the Therapeutic Consultant is to find the best fit possible for your child and family and to support and advocate on your behalf.
The decision to place your child in residential treatment is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. It is an emotionally charged decision and a big financial commitment. There are hundreds of choices of programs but not all of them are right for your child. Finding the right fit at this moment is critical. This isn't usually something a parent researches until crisis hits. You are most likely making the decision during a time of extreme stress. You are counting on this next step and the people you entrust to positively change the trajectory of your child's and your family's health and well-being. We regularly tour and evaluate programs in person. We meet the clinical, academic and residential staff members. We get a sense of the environment. We learn about the modalities of treatments used, the food they will eat, where they will sleep, the activities they will participate in and the school components. We will narrow your choices down to three we believe to be a good fit for your child. We only refer to programs we would place our own children in and do not refer to punitive-style programs. Once you choose a program, we will help with the enrollment process, connect you with transportation services, insurance advocates and any other professionals needed. We will also check in regularly with the program and track your child's progress. We become another advocate and stakeholder as your child gets the help he or she needs. We are here to support your child and you through this difficult but hopeful process.
We are paid by families. Our obligation is to what is best for your child and your family. We are not affiliated with any treatment program and we do not accept fees, commissions or compensation of any type from any program. Vashti Summervill is an Associate Member if the Independent Educational Consultants Association and she is committed to their Principles of Good Practice. Fees are for one placement and support of that placement.
You decide to start a family. You are pregnant. You dive into books such as “What To Expect.” You attend birthing classes. You give birth. You attend breast feeding support groups and toddler groups. You are deeply connected to other parents through the elementary school years.

Your child goes to a larger junior high/middle school. You don’t know many of the families and aren’t as connected to your child’s peers. This continues through HS. You are reaching a period where your child is inclined to take more risks and the stakes become higher. You find you know very little about how the teen years will unfold except you have been told that they will be hard and that your relationship will be difficult.

Your teen is on their phone most of their waking hours. FOMO is real. The internet can be cool. The internet can be scary and certain things can’t be unseen. There is more exposure to drugs and alcohol. You teen’s sexuality is emerging. You might see signs of depression and anxiety. Your teen can be mean. You have fears about the very real risks associated with being a teen. You have fears about their future.

Where was the preparation, education and support for this? Where were the “birthing a teen” classes? You are busy working and trying to meet the needs of your family and perhaps your own aging parents. You are confused on what is the best way to navigate all of this. Your teen doesn’t accept no for an answer. You cave. Sometimes you know why you say “no” and why you say “yes” but most times you haven’t had time to think about “why.” Your parenting tool box feels light. You have what came through you from generations past and you are trying to meet the needs of this generation.

Hiring a Parent Coach allows you take a step back and work to tame all of that fear, cultivate awareness and develop new and relevant skills. A Parent Coach helps you parent with intention rather than by default. A Parent Coach helps you deepen the relationship with our teen in ways that will strengthen a life-long healthy connection. A Parent Coach will also hold you accountable to caring for yourself as you work to find clarity and reclaim joy and sanity in your home.